Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ for Easy, Breezy Holiday Layouts

Holidays spent with lots of family time come with a lot of memories, but how can you best do these memories justice in your scrapbook? The Sun-Kissed Fast2Fab™ album makes for an abundance of easy holiday scrapbook layout ideas that can make every vacation look as amazing as it was. In today’s post, blog contributor Krislyn shares how she uses these pages to lovingly show her trips without spending a lot of time and energy. Interested? Read on!


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#FeatureFriday – Escape to Paradise with the Product Designer of Sun-Kissed

Happy #FeatureFriday, everyone! We sat down with CM Product Designer Alex to get a behind-the-scenes look at her design inspiration for the NEW Sun-Kissed collection. For your sandy-toes, sun-kissed-nose memories of beach and tropical travels, you’ll love the Sun-Kissed collection… and you’ll also LOVE the details Alex dishes about this collection! Let’s get started…

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Escape to Paradise with the Sun-Kissed Tropical Travel Scrapbook Layout

It’s #LaunchDay here at CM, so let’s celebrate the new Sun-Kissed tropical travel collection and tropic like it’s hot with a sizzling layout that will work for photos at the beach, lake and ocean, Bali and South Pacific vacations, fiestas, outdoors, luaus and more. Take a look now at the scrapbook layout we created for your next beach or travel album!

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A Journey To The Outback

Our family has a passion for visiting off-the-beaten-track locations in the Australian outback. We love to getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, get amongst nature and live the simple life. And, when we get home, I love to document our adventures in my Creative Memories Albums so the kids (and us too) will remember these special trips in years to come.

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Believe In Your Dreams

According to the dictionary:

Dreams—aspirations or goals for what is to come.

Believe—to have confidence or faith in the truth.

Laugh—to express pleasure with an audible expulsion.

Memories—the state or fact of being remembered.

FUN—enjoyment or playfulness.

I wish these two boys all of the above and more in their lifetime.

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Holiday Borders Take Flight!

Who hasn’t scrapped their summer holiday photos yet? Or are you in the midst of planning your next trip? Why not start your holiday pages with pictures of the eager adventure-bound faces on the plane and stories and memorabilia of the travel plans?

Here I’ve paired the Gallivant collection with the Jumbo Jet Border Maker Cartridge to create some easy holiday borders.

Wherever your adventures take you, I hope you enjoy the journey!

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Celebrate Canada with Digital Layouts

Celebrate Canada Paper Pack doesn’t have to just be used for Canada Day and the papers don’t just have to be used in Canada!  This versatile paper pack can be used for so many different layouts and occasions.  There are so many great designs included.  I wanted to share a few of the pages that I have done, but I have so many more pages I can envision using these gorgeous papers with my photos!

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To Smile, or not to Smile.

My life has been documented relentlessly since I was born.  Sitting on a bookshelf, the blue scrapbooks have multiplied through the years as I have experienced more and more in life. From the big moments: the first day of kindergarten, starting high school, college acceptance letter, my grandma’s last Christmas, and moving to Philadelphia; to the trifling: vacations, school dances, sporting events, family reunions, and day trips; my life is neatly remembered in those growing blue books.

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Getaway Memories Scrapbooking Layout

We all love to getaway.  Whether it is for a day, a weekend, or a week-long vacation- it refreshes the body and soul.

Last summer, my husband and I took a week off of work to move both of our boys into their new homes.  One to his sophomore year of college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the other to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for his first year of law school.  It was an adventure to say the least.  We travelled over 3000 miles and saw parts of the country that we had never seen before.  We loved capturing photos of the road signs and countryside along the way.

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