DIY Project: Paper Flowers Using Full Bloom

Would you like to learn a quick paper craft technique that will create beautiful flowers that you can use for party decorations or wall art? You’re in luck because we’ve got just the thing for you! Check out this easy tutorial to learn a fun paper craft project!

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#ThrowbackThursday: Two Ways to Interpret a Scrapbook Sketch

It’s #ThrowbackThursday here on the blog, and we’re traveling back to March of 2017 with a sketch challenge from a Virtual Crop! We asked one of our awesome blog contributors, Sarah, to use the sketch with the Full Bloom collection to create her version of it and give it her own spin. Ready to be inspired?

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#ThrowbackThursday Flower Power Layout using Gemstone Patterns

Welcome back to another #ThrowbackThursday! Today, we will be showing you a 2-page layout that our fantastic blog contributor, Karen, created using the Full Bloom collection. She took one of our past projects and turned it into a flower-power masterpiece! Ready to take a look?

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#ThrowbackThursday: Quick, Easy Steps to Create a Mini Scrapbook Album

Looking for a quick, easy way to make an adorable gift album? Here’s a simple tutorial for creating an 8×8 scrapbook album using just a few supplies and tools of your choice! Let’s get started!

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Connecting Traditional Scrapbook Pages and Fast2Fab™ Pages

What is the fastest way to a fabulous, complete scrapbook album? Fast2Fabs™ Albums of course! If you haven’t tried them for yourself, you will want to take a look at this post to see how one of our contributors, Karen, creatively integrated traditional pages with Fast2Fab™ pages.

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#ThrowbackThursday: Turning a Sketch into a Scrapbooking Masterpiece

Here’s another #ThrowbackThursday on the blog! We provided one of our fabulous blog contributors, Meggan, with a sketch that we created for the Sorbet collection and asked her to re-create it using the Full Bloom collection and make it uniquely hers! Want to see? Take a look!

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Scrapbooking “10 Things” Using the Full Bloom Collection

Hello! I am having a hard time with the fact that Edward is now 8 years old! Those eight years have flown! Just a few moments ago, I was just sitting here thinking about the things I love about him… and then I jotted them down on paper so I would not forget them! He is such a good kid with a lot of good qualities. I just love him.

For this 10 things scrapbooking layout, I decided to use the gorgeous Full Bloom collection. I love the gorgeous colours and patterns in this collection. It’s so very different and pretty… and the stickers are even prettier in person.

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3 Floral Scrapbook Layouts: Getting Creative with the Full Bloom Collection

When a new collection arrives, I love to see how all the pieces work together and play with the Paper, Embellishments and Mats to start – even before I start creating layouts and working with photos. This gets my creative juices flowing and I get excited and more inspired to work with the collection. Today, I decided to play around with Full Bloom and created three spring scrapbook layouts you’re going to love

While you’ll see in these three spring scrapbooking layouts that these samples have been adhered to White Cardstock with strips of paper and border stickers, I normally create mats ready to use on layouts or in a Fast2Fab™ Album.

What You’ll Need:


It is great to have decorated scrapbooking mats ready to go! I just add a photo, use as a journal box or even decoration on a page. Then, adding an appropriate sticker, title or sentiment can provide the perfect inspiration to complete a page. Sometimes it is also as simple as adding a location and date in my handwriting. See what your handwriting has to say about you in this blog post!

To start, I pull all the packs apart and look at both sides of the papers. The Creative Memories designers usually include a decorative side and a more tonal side. Then, I answer the questions… Which sides do I like best? Which colours and designs work for me?


Then I start grouping pieces that work together. With Full Bloom, there is an amazing assortment of flower shapes with multicolour pieces. I chose to use colour combinations from the flowers that added a little bit of pop. I know with any two or three papers I chose I could also find embellishments and mats that worked together. I had fun finishing-up with leaves from the Bouquet Punch Bundle promotion.

Once you are happy with your selections, then you can start layering and clustering will bring these together for a finished look. Make sure to add plenty of Foam Squares for dimension and 3-D effect. Adhere and enjoy!

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Easy One-Hour Scrapbook Layout with Full Bloom

Feeling pressed for time and the pressure to get your special photos into your scrapbook in a timely manner? Not a problem! We’ve got a layout you’ll love that’s doable in an hour or less… and, it’s stunning! Take a look…


To create this scrapbook layout you’ll need:

Step 1: Use the Evergreen Cardstock for the base of this layout.

Step 2: Fold the eucalyptus paper from corner to corner to form a triangle. Cut in half diagonally with a Scissors.

Step 3: Use the red designer paper to cut 2 photo mats to measure 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″. Then cut a another piece from the red paper to measure 1/2″ x 12″.


Step 4: Adhere all the pieces to the layout as shown. Make sure to adhere the 1/2″ strip before adhering the eucalyptus triangle piece to the top right corner of the base. Lastly,  add the photo mats to the layout as shown.

Step 5: Add the “Lookin’ Sharp” mat to the layout as shown.


Step 6: Embellish your layout as desired with stickers and embellishments, using Foam Squares for added dimension.



Step 7: Finally, adhere your photos 4×4 to the mats on the layout.

Happy creating! We would love to hear what you think of this layout!