#FeatureFriday — Behind-the-Scenes Roundtable with ALL CM Designers on Frost!

Are you ready for an awesome Friday treat? For the first time ever, we went behind the scenes with ALL the CM designers for an intimate #FeatureFriday roundtable discussion on the new Frost collection! Find out what they love, what they think is most unique about it, what they’d add if they could to this collection, which was inspired by the beauty of snow storms, trending winter florals and cosy knit sweaters. So, pull up a chair and grab a seat at the table of this exclusive roundtable!

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#FeatureFriday — Learn More About the Inspiration Behind the Maritime Collection

Happy #FeatureFriday! This week, we sat down with Tara, illustrator and product designer at Creative Memories, to find out about her inspiration behind the super-popular Maritime collection that brings a nautical feel to any project! Get insider details on her process for designing the album cover, the thought that went into the paper pack, what challenges she faced, her favourite body of water that inspired the collection and more. Intrigued? Check it out!

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#FeatureFriday — Behind the Scenes with the Designer of the Essentials Collection

What was CM Product Designer and Illustrator Alex going for when she set out to design the ultra-popular, ultra-playful Essentials collection? What’s unique about the collection in her eyes and which product does she think people will love the most? In today’s instalment of #FeatureFriday, go behind the scenes with Alex to find out all this and more! Intrigued? Read on!

Alex-Creative-Memories-DesignerMeet the Designer

Alex has been working with us as a product designer and illustrator for about a year now. She started in July 2017, right before taking off for a three-week trip through France (whoops!). Before working for Creative Memories, she was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Spending that much time working alone at home (talking to her pets) finally started to take its toll… she was thrilled to join a team again, and now she happily spends her days making art for you fine folks. Other collections she has designed so far include Bee MineFull BloomSun-KissedO CanadaLumberjack, Best in Show, Locally Grown and many more to come! Outside of work, Alex loves to work (haha), as pattern-making is one of her hobbies. She likes to cook, travel, read nerdy sci-fi novels and snuggle with her aforementioned pets, Larry (dog!) and Alphonse (cat!).


What Inspired This Collection?

“This collection could easily have been named ‘Back to Basics’ because that’s what it is. The palette is evocative of elementary school days (colour crayons, toys, blocks, etc.) but what unites the content of Essentials is its simplicity. It could be used for any situation; think school, field trips, picnics, birthdays, theme parks and a variety of cheerful and general occasions! The shapes are traditional (with a cute, imperfect twist) so the personality is friendly and playful.”

Essentials-Geometric-Scrapbook-Supplies-Creative-Memories (1)

How Would You Describe the Colour Palette?

“It’s a primary palette of true red, kelly green, bright yellow, royal blue, black and white. It’s timeless and very popular.”


How Would You Describe the Papers?

“The paper packs were intended to be pretty simple and geometric with some playful imperfections. The majority of the papers are tonal, which means they are very simplistic and easy to use. The front of the page has a lighter approach to each colour and the reverse is more saturated so you get both ‘sides’ of every colour! There are triangles, zigzags, stripes, chevrons, stars and some new made-up shapes as well. One paper looks like it belongs on a bulletin board (it has some wavy borders that take me back).

“The foiled Accent Pack is another story. Shining pinwheels, crooked stripes and toy-themed polka dots all jump out with an element of flash in an otherwise traditional collection. The foil adds a splash of pizzazz to our basic and timeless theme!”


What is Unique About the Collection?

“This collection was intended to be super classic. All the tried and true shapes are present, but some of them have a new twist. Old meets new with the palette and geometric shapes designed in a slightly imperfect, cheerful style.”


From a Design Perspective, What Do You Think Customers will Like Most?

“I think people are going to love that the album cover is a throwback to the old CM! The scrolling design in the corners used to come on every plain bookcloth album, and we gave it a slight update to be a little larger and contemporary-feeling. I love the classic design!”


What is Your Favourite Sticker?

“I like the ‘I ❤ to Read’ sticker because I love to read and always have! I listen to audiobooks all day at work and I read a different book on my Kindle on the train on my way to and from work.”


What Was Your Favourite Subject in School?

“It’s a tie between math and art! I know, that’s a bit of a weird combo. I think the creativity and specificity in both allow me to be a successful pattern maker!”


So, there you go – you’ve got the insider’s perspective on Essentials! What is your favourite part of the collection? Do you agree with Alex about the album cover? Let us know in the comments below!

#FeatureFriday – Get the Inside Scoop with the Product Designer of Mix & Match

Happy #FeatureFriday, everyone! We sat down with CM Product Designer Carrie to get the inside scoop on her design inspiration for the NEW Mix & Match collection. In our interview, we also got details such as her favourite colour in the collection (and more importantly, why it’s her favourite!), how long it took to create Mix & Match and the reason she’s been wanting to create it for a quite a while! So, without further ado…

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#FeatureFriday – Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Secret Garden with the Product Designer

Happy #FeatureFriday, everyone! We sat down with CM Product Designer Carrie to get a behind-the-scenes look at her design inspiration for the NEW Secret Garden collection. It’s a must-have for every scrapbooker that features florals, nature, watercolour and an abundance of positive vibes. Are you ready to take a look?!

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#FeatureFriday – Go Behind the Scenes with Little Lamb’s Product Designer

Happy #FeatureFriday! We sat down with CM Product Designer Tara to get the inside scoop on her design inspiration for the NEW Little Lamb baby collection that’s taking everyone by storm with its charming modern farmhouse feel and cute, lovable farm animals! Are you ready to go behind the scenes?! Let’s go!

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#FiveThingsFriday: 5 Scrapbooking Punches you NEED!

Happy #FiveThingsFriday, everyone! Today, we have compiled a list of not one or two, but FIVE incredible punches that you’ll absolutely need in your scrapbooking stash to make the most beautiful floral & spring projects and layouts! The great news? They complement each other for fun layering effects! So… let’s spring right into it!

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#FeatureFriday – Behind the Scenes with Full Bloom’s Designer

#FeatureFriday is here, and have we got a great feature for you! It’s time for you to be properly introduced to Full Bloom – a floral collection that comes fresh from the garden of our Product Designer Alex’s mind – shared in her own words! Let’s take an inside look!

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#FeatureFriday – What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Did you know that your handwriting can indicate more than 5,000 unique personality traits? It’s true! According to graphologists (experts in handwriting analysis), the way you craft your letters and words can reveal your social tendencies, whether you’re introverted or extroverted and much more! As a memory-keeping company, we believe your handwriting tells a special story – your story. So… want to see what yours says about you? Grab a pen and take a little test!

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#FeatureFriday – How to Create a Vintage Scrapbook Layout with Archiver’s™

Five years ago, my Mom gave me a collection of vintage postcards from Bolton Landing, NY, with correspondence from the early 1900s to 1940s. The back of the postcards have small anecdotes written to friends and family. Today, every time that I hear someone talk about their handwriting it’s always with apologies – my handwriting is awful, or, your handwriting is so much better than mine! But, whenever we look back at stories the generations have written before us, we never think… gosh, they have bad handwriting. Rather, we’re fascinated by the note they left us to read and see a small moment in their life.

I was inspired by this new Creative Memories Archiver’s™ page design that Melissa created, so I found my old postcards and decided to write down the story of why my Mom gave them to me.

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