Create Kid-Friendly Scrapbook Layouts with the Super Duper Collection

If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or godparent, you probably have albums full of pictures of the special kids in your life. They have spent so much time in front of the camera that they probably feel like mini-celebrities, and they’ve seen you do so much scrapbooking that maybe they’ve even started to take some sort of interest in it themselves. Luckily, with the Super Duper collection, scrapbooking has never been simpler or more kid-friendly! Check out what some kids had to say about the collection, and then get instructions for an easy-to-make scrapbook layout that any kid can handle!

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Fast2Fab™ Mini Album Using the Super Duper Boy Collection!

Happy Monday to all of our creator friends! Today I have a really adorable Fast2Fab™ album that I used to scrapbook my little man, and if you’re a mother of boys, you are going to LOVE this collection! The minute I saw it I wanted it all… from the beautiful 8×8 foiled album to the stickers, patches, punches and papers. This collection covers everything that little boys love! So, are you ready to see?!

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Super Duper Easy Children’s Scrapbook Layouts To Do With the Kids!

Ever wished your little ones could scrapbook alongside you? Well, now they can with Super Duper 8×8 kids’ scrapbook supplies! Round up your children, the nieces and nephews, cousins and their friends and invite them all to join you for an afternoon of crafting with this kid-sized collection. To get you started, try out this easy children’s scrapbook layout!

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Believe In Your Dreams

According to the dictionary:

Dreams—aspirations or goals for what is to come.

Believe—to have confidence or faith in the truth.

Laugh—to express pleasure with an audible expulsion.

Memories—the state or fact of being remembered.

FUN—enjoyment or playfulness.

I wish these two boys all of the above and more in their lifetime.

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Never Grow Up

Oh how life changes to quickly.  Little ones grow up.  Even though we wish they would stay little for ages.  Take advantage of it.  Play with balloons, eat the ice cream, lick the lollipop—cause some day the opportunity will be missed.

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It all started when…

It was 1989. I got a letter in the mail that said “Come see the new Shoebox to Showcase scrapbook albums; learn how to get your pictures out of those yucky sticky albums. Bring a friend and get a FREE PEN!”

Of course I wanted to learn about putting pictures in albums. Ordering triplicate copies of pictures was the ”in” thing to do when you got them developed. Which meant that my once-scant box of pictures was now exploding all over the place in numerous boxes, spilling out of bags, and peeking out from under the bed.  SO many pictures because I had two little children.  And I meant to capture every new outfit, messy face and everything in between.

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Woodland Whimsy Digital Pages

Woodland Whimsy for boys and girls is sweet for babies and is on trend, but it doesn’t need to be used for just babies!  My babies are not babies anymore, but I loved using this sweet kit for photos of them!

The soft colours in Woodland Whimsy Baby Girl Collection is perfect for photos of Lauren and I.  I love the triangles in the kit so I resized them, filled them with different papers and created a layout with triangles.  I even tucked a couple of triangles behind my photos.

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