All Bundled Up Glacier Border

It’s certainly getting chilly, so what better way to beat the cold than to stay inside and scrap?! Make sure you are staying bundled up and keeping warm and cosy 🙂 Follow along to learn how to create a wonderful winter scrapbook border featuring the Glacier stickers.

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Mixin’ It Up with Mix & Match Rainbow Border Ideas

Once again, Creative Memories has created a collection mixing and matching beautiful Crayon-box colours. This time we have brilliant shades of Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink. These papers and embellishments are endlessly versatile and will make your page layouts and projects come to life when you just need that certain pop of colour. Try these borders out, check out the variations that follow and then see what you come up with!

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Sun-Kissed Scrapbook Border Ideas

Who’s ready to hit the beach?! After playing with the colour-drenched, laidback Sun-Kissed collection, I sure am! There are just so many ways to coordinate these summery colours and patterns with my photos of lazy summer days at the lake, picnics and all kinds of family gatherings. And, yes, this Minnesota girl is already daydreaming about taking a tropical vacay just so I can use the Sun-Kissed collection with pictures of real palm trees and endless sandy ocean beaches! That said, are you ready to check out these borders using Sun-Kissed? Let’s go!

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Can’t Keep these Fabulous Scrapbook Borders a Secret!

Nothing makes me wish and dream of spring more than the gorgeous new Secret Garden collection! I could stare at the dreamy watercolour flowers in purple, aqua and green endlessly. Take a look to see what I came up with for some spring scrapbooking borders! Continue reading Can’t Keep these Fabulous Scrapbook Borders a Secret!

Secret Garden Fast2Fabâ„¢ Album Secrets Revealed

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one scrapbook item, what would it be? Go on, take a moment to think about it… but don’t think too hard! What I’m getting at is, what is your can’t-live-without Creative Memories product? Mine is the Fast2Fabâ„¢ Album, without a doubt. The Repositionable Tape Runner Refill and the Border Maker System follow closely behind, but the Fast2Fabâ„¢ is simply outstanding. Take a look at what I created!

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5 Black & White Scrapbook Borders that Pack a Punch

“Graphic,” “striking” and “bold” pretty much sum up the new Black & White collection. Add that to the new Double Chevron Border Maker Cartridge and Starburst Punch, along with your favourite Cardstock colours and you have all you need to make some seriously snazzy scrapbook borders! In fact, we’ve come up with 5 scrapbook borders you’ll want to make. The best part – they can be used for nearly any occasion, from birthdays to graduations to weddings and on and on.

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MUST-TRY Scrapbook Border Designs

Have you ever looked at one of your scrapbook layouts and thought to yourself that it needed a little… something to liven it up or make it complete? Borders are a great way to do that – and these scrapbook border designs may be just what you’ve been waiting for!

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How to Create Marquetry Scrapbooking Borders Using the Textile Paper Packs

Have you seen the Timber, Stone and Cloth Paper Packs yet? I absolutely love how realistic the textures are! These border designs came about by indecision. So many shades and textures, how could I choose just a few? What if I laid strips of my favourites side by side, marquetry-style, and used the resulting patterns to create richly textured borders? Read on to see what I came up with!

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#FiveThingsFriday: 5 Scrapbooking Punches you NEED!

Happy #FiveThingsFriday, everyone! Today, we have compiled a list of not one or two, but FIVE incredible punches that you’ll absolutely need in your scrapbooking stash to make the most beautiful floral & spring projects and layouts! The great news? They complement each other for fun layering effects! So… let’s spring right into it!

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2 Scrapbook Border Ideas Using Full Bloom

Looking for fresh ideas for your floral scrapbook layouts? Well, look no further – we’ve got two scrapbook border ideas using Full Bloom that you’re going to love! They’re boisterous and fun and will take your floral layouts to the next level… Sound like something you’d like to create? Read on! 

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