Make Melodious Music Themed Scrapbook Layouts with the Essentials Collection

Music is a crazy thing. A song has the ability to transport you back to a certain time and place and make you feel incredibly nostalgic. The parallels between music and the Essentials collection was clear to blog contributor Sachiyo, which is why she felt it would be perfect for creating a layout for her trip to the Motown Museum. Check out the modern yet vintage scrapbook layout she made!

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Make A Boo-tiful Halloween Scrapbook Layout

For some, Halloween is the best holiday of the year. It’s a fang-tastic celebration that has everyone on their spookiest, kookiest behaviour and the photo opportunities are aplenty. Once November comes around, you’ll need something to do with all of these photos – why not create a Halloween-themed scrapbook layout using the Pumpkin Spice collection?! It’s seasonal, fun and downright adorable, and it will make all your Halloween scrapbook projects a spook-tacle to be seen. Check out this two-page layout and try making it for yourself!

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Enjoy a Blast from the Past with the Essentials Classic Scrapbook Borders

The Essentials collection is all about adding old-school cool to your scrapbook layouts and projects. With a primary palette and papers decorated with classic geometric shapes, you can create blast-from-the-past vintage borders with a modern edge. Read on to learn how to make beautiful classic scrapbook borders for your favourite academic using the Essentials collection, plus get a BONUS outdoor-themed border using Essentials and Fanatic together!

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Spread Joy with this Gather Together Scrapbook Layout

Do you have loads of great memories and awesome photos ready — maybe even more than you have room for! If you need to accommodate more photos in your layouts, using Peekaboo Pockets™ is a great way to do so. Want to make a beautiful photo pocket scrapbook layout for your photos? Read on to learn how!

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8 Simple Steps to a Spring Scrapbook Layout

Think beautiful scrapbook layouts have to be time-consuming? Think again! We’ve got an idea you’re going to love that makes creating a gorgeous spring scrapbook layout a breeze… and no, it’s not a Fast2Fab™ (although those are also an awesome option for completing an album quickly!). Curious what it is?

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Showcase Your Star Student with the Essentials Two-Page School Scrapbook Layout

While some kids may not be excited about school, many avid scrapbookers look forward to the plethora of photo opportunities that comes with it and can’t wait to get back to their craft room! But with all those photos, have you ever found that you accumulated so many that you simply couldn’t fit them all onto one page? With the Essentials collection and Peekaboo Pockets™, you can give these projects the feeling of possibilities and excitement – check out the beautiful two-page school scrapbook layout that was created by blog contributor Karen!

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#FeatureFriday — Behind the Scenes with the Designer of the Pumpkin Spice Collection

The spook-tacular Pumpkin Spice collection has all the Halloween scrapbook supplies you could ever want to make absolutely boo-tiful projects and layouts. It’s easy to understand the intent behind the collection, but what about the inspiration? What was it about autumn and Halloween that made the designer make the decisions that she did? Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Pumpkin Spice collection and see it through the eyes of Tara, the designer of the collection!

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Show Off Your Athlete with the Fanatic Sports Scrapbook Layout

With the number of sports and activities available to kids these days, many parents and grandparents never see an off-season. It’s easy to take all of these sports memories for granted, but the days of youth and pee-wee sports fly by, which is why it’s important to commemorate these moments as they happen. If you have an abundance of photos and are looking for sports scrapbook ideas, check out the Fanatic sports-themed scrapbook layout that blog contributor Mati made to show off her kid’s athletic achievements!

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2-Page Gather Together Autumn-Themed Scrapbook Layout

To many, autumn is the most beautiful time of year. Mother Nature begins to diversity her colour palette and the warm summer sun is replaced with warm and fuzzy memories spent with loved ones. The Gather Together collection is all about bringing the beauty of autumn to your pages and projects. If you’re looking to make a stunning autumn-themed scrapbook layout, then you’re going to love today’s post!

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#FeatureFriday — Behind the Scenes with the Designer of the Essentials Collection

What was CM Product Designer and Illustrator Alex going for when she set out to design the ultra-popular, ultra-playful Essentials collection? What’s unique about the collection in her eyes and which product does she think people will love the most? In today’s instalment of #FeatureFriday, go behind the scenes with Alex to find out all this and more! Intrigued? Read on!

Alex-Creative-Memories-DesignerMeet the Designer

Alex has been working with us as a product designer and illustrator for about a year now. She started in July 2017, right before taking off for a three-week trip through France (whoops!). Before working for Creative Memories, she was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Spending that much time working alone at home (talking to her pets) finally started to take its toll… she was thrilled to join a team again, and now she happily spends her days making art for you fine folks. Other collections she has designed so far include Bee MineFull BloomSun-KissedO CanadaLumberjack, Best in Show, Locally Grown and many more to come! Outside of work, Alex loves to work (haha), as pattern-making is one of her hobbies. She likes to cook, travel, read nerdy sci-fi novels and snuggle with her aforementioned pets, Larry (dog!) and Alphonse (cat!).


What Inspired This Collection?

“This collection could easily have been named ‘Back to Basics’ because that’s what it is. The palette is evocative of elementary school days (colour crayons, toys, blocks, etc.) but what unites the content of Essentials is its simplicity. It could be used for any situation; think school, field trips, picnics, birthdays, theme parks and a variety of cheerful and general occasions! The shapes are traditional (with a cute, imperfect twist) so the personality is friendly and playful.”

Essentials-Geometric-Scrapbook-Supplies-Creative-Memories (1)

How Would You Describe the Colour Palette?

“It’s a primary palette of true red, kelly green, bright yellow, royal blue, black and white. It’s timeless and very popular.”


How Would You Describe the Papers?

“The paper packs were intended to be pretty simple and geometric with some playful imperfections. The majority of the papers are tonal, which means they are very simplistic and easy to use. The front of the page has a lighter approach to each colour and the reverse is more saturated so you get both ‘sides’ of every colour! There are triangles, zigzags, stripes, chevrons, stars and some new made-up shapes as well. One paper looks like it belongs on a bulletin board (it has some wavy borders that take me back).

“The foiled Accent Pack is another story. Shining pinwheels, crooked stripes and toy-themed polka dots all jump out with an element of flash in an otherwise traditional collection. The foil adds a splash of pizzazz to our basic and timeless theme!”


What is Unique About the Collection?

“This collection was intended to be super classic. All the tried and true shapes are present, but some of them have a new twist. Old meets new with the palette and geometric shapes designed in a slightly imperfect, cheerful style.”


From a Design Perspective, What Do You Think Customers will Like Most?

“I think people are going to love that the album cover is a throwback to the old CM! The scrolling design in the corners used to come on every plain bookcloth album, and we gave it a slight update to be a little larger and contemporary-feeling. I love the classic design!”


What is Your Favourite Sticker?

“I like the ‘I ❤ to Read’ sticker because I love to read and always have! I listen to audiobooks all day at work and I read a different book on my Kindle on the train on my way to and from work.”


What Was Your Favourite Subject in School?

“It’s a tie between math and art! I know, that’s a bit of a weird combo. I think the creativity and specificity in both allow me to be a successful pattern maker!”


So, there you go – you’ve got the insider’s perspective on Essentials! What is your favourite part of the collection? Do you agree with Alex about the album cover? Let us know in the comments below!