8 Simple Steps to a Spring Scrapbook Layout

Think beautiful scrapbook layouts have to be time-consuming? Think again! We’ve got an idea you’re going to love that makes creating a gorgeous spring scrapbook layout a breeze… and no, it’s not a Fast2Fab™ (although those are also an awesome option for completing an album quickly!). Curious what it is?

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2-Page Gather Together Autumn-Themed Scrapbook Layout

To many, autumn is the most beautiful time of year. Mother Nature begins to diversity her colour palette and the warm summer sun is replaced with warm and fuzzy memories spent with loved ones. The Gather Together collection is all about bringing the beauty of autumn to your pages and projects. If you’re looking to make a stunning autumn-themed scrapbook layout, then you’re going to love today’s post!

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#ThrowbackThursday – Sun-Kissed/Slice of Summer Scrapbook Layout

Do you have loads of summer memories full of fun and want to make a summer scrapbook that does them justice? As we enter the beginning of spring, now is the perfect time to plan some scrapbook layouts for summer that we’ve created and do a #ThrowbackThursday to re-create them! We’ve got one for you today that you’ll love… it’s a Slice of Summer layout that was featured on the blog in January, and this time we’ve created it using Sun-Kissed! So, as the sun starts to beat down and make the outdoors feel like the inside of an oven, you can keep cool in your craft room and revisit the layout to make one (or a few!) for all of the summer memories you’ll make.

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Celebrate Outdoor Fun with the Fanatic Outdoor Scrapbook Layout

In today’s increasingly electronic and screen-centric world, fun times spent outdoors are becoming more valuable than ever before. Many people like to spend their free time doing things such as barbequing, camping, bushwalking or even just hanging out in the great outdoors. The Fanatic collection is meant to celebrate sports AND all these special moments spent outdoors, and the multitude of themes and papers make it versatile enough to work for whatever your hobby is. Today we’ve got a fun layout to help you commemorate these moments and is the backdrop you need to bring all of your outdoor scrapbook ideas to life… let’s take a look!

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Create a Science Fiction Scrapbook Layout Using Fanatic

At first glance, the Fanatic collection may look like it’s meant to be used exclusively for sports-related projects. It’s easy to make that assumption when you see all of the sports-related stickers and embellishments in the collection. However, thanks to the variety of papers, you can really use this collection for so much more. You can use it to create an outdoor scrapbook layout, a layout for family holiday or summer celebration, or as seen in the photo, a trip to a galaxy far, far away! Check out how blog contributor Sachiyo used it to create this layout with special help from the Sunshine Border Maker Cartridge.

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Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads and father figures out there! We hope you and your family will have a memory filled day and lots of fun! Looking for an album to put all the photos you take on Father’s Day? We’ve got the solution! Read on to learn more…

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Curious About Cardstock? 5 Ways You Can Use It!

True scrapbookers know that there are some jobs where regular paper just doesn’t cut it. These projects require a paper that’s stronger, more colourful and more reliable than standard paper. This is where the cardstock packs from Creative Memories come in. Not only is our cardstock durable and sturdy, but our selection of colours is second-to-none, and our new shimmer colour selection gives you the ability to make your projects shine like never before. Want to see how you can use cardstock in fun and exciting ways? Read on to check out 5 ideas for how to use cardstock paper!

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The Stages of Scrapbook Obsession

They say the first step toward overcoming an obsession is acknowledging that you have one, and it usually takes a defining moment to recognise it. For scrapbookers, maybe you feel the sunrise on your face and realise that you worked on your album throughout the night without any sleep. Maybe you’re spending so much time taking pictures that your grandkids start to call you “Grandma Camera.” Maybe you’ve been told you’re mumbling in your sleep to “pass you the Tape Runner” and you’re starting to find paper scraps and Foam Square backs in your shoes.

How did something that began as an innocent hobby turn into a full-blown, awesomely fun addiction? There is a natural process to becoming a scrap-addict — it’s a slow journey, one that happens something like this…

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An Essential Geometric Scrapbook Idea You’ll Love

If you’ve a penchant for patterned, brightly coloured papers – then you’ll find the Essentials Tone-on-Tone paper is full of quirky, geometric, primary toned goodness.

These scrapbook papers inspired this fantastic geometric scrapbook layout, which uses creative angle cuts and clever paper placement to create a unique graphic backdrop for your latest fun photos.

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Use the Sun-Kissed Collection for Under-the-Sea Scrapbook Fun

A certain cartoon crab once said that life is better under the sea. Although our lack of gills makes it impossible for us to confirm this, that doesn’t stop us from using our imagination to picture what a life underwater would be like. It certainly didn’t stop the granddaughter of blog contributor Vanessa, who decided on having a mermaid-themed party for her third birthday. This gave Vanessa the idea of using the Sun-Kissed collection and adjusting it to make her layout for the party capture the aquatic essence of the event. The result? An underwater-themed scrapbook layout that looks like it came straight from the bottom of the ocean!

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