Create Kid-Friendly Scrapbook Layouts with the Super Duper Collection

If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or godparent, you probably have albums full of pictures of the special kids in your life. They have spent so much time in front of the camera that they probably feel like mini-celebrities, and they’ve seen you do so much scrapbooking that maybe they’ve even started to take some sort of interest in it themselves. Luckily, with the Super Duper collection, scrapbooking has never been simpler or more kid-friendly! Check out what some kids had to say about the collection, and then get instructions for an easy-to-make scrapbook layout that any kid can handle!


Kid Tested, Kid Approved

Recently, pre-teens Adele and Addie took on the task of trying out the Super Duper collection and creating their own layout. Both of them had very minimal experience with scrapbooking, and as you can see, they totally loved it!


Both of them loved how easy it was to create a layout that looked like it was done by a professional. Neither of them had much experience, yet they both were able to create a layout that they were proud of. The easy-to-use tools, such as the Tape Runners and punches, made things so simple for them. They were only limited by their imagination

When working, one of the girls followed a sketch and the other created whatever her heart desired. Both of the finished products looked absolutely beautiful and you could see each girl’s personality shining on the page. They agreed that their favourite thing about scrapbooking was the ability to create whatever was in their head and put it on the page (us too, girls!). You could tell that by the end of the day that two new scrapbook enthusiasts had been born.

12-year-old Emma had a very similar experience. She recently used the Super Duper collection to create a layout dedicated to her two favourite things: her mum and her dog, Zuzu. Check out what Emma had to say below and find out how she created this layout!


Emma’s Inspiration:

The pictures of me, my mum and our dog, Zuzu, reminds me how cute and soft and warm Zuzu is when I need a cuddle. The star theme on one page is inspired by how much Zuzu brightens up my day, especially when she greets me after a long, hard day at school. The heart and nature stickers on the other page are about how my mum and I spend time together outside in nature. We like to run together and sometimes run with our dog too.

What You’ll Need to Create This Layout:

Emma chose to use one of the preprinted pages for the background. This design could be produced on any colour or combination of colours from the paper pack.

Step 1: Choose four photos and crop as follows:

  • Crop one photo using the Custom Cutting System and the Heart Pattern.
  • Crop another photo using the Custom Cutting System and the Star Pattern.
  • Crop a third photo into a rectangle using a Personal Trimmer.
  • Crop the final photo using the Custom Cutting System and the Oval Pattern.

Step 2: Use the outer edge of the Star Pattern and a piece of patterned paper to cut a star-shaped frame for the star photo.


Step 3: Use border stickers to create a border around the heart-shaped and rectangle photos.

Step 4: Add several Super Duper Girl Stickers to enhance the pages as shown.

Step 5: Use the Burst and Unicorn punches from the Mini Trio Punch Set and punch several shapes out different pieces of patterned paper.

Step 6: Fill the spaces on the page with the punched shapes.

Fun for Everyone!

As you can see, there isn’t an age requirement to have fun scrapbooking. People of all ages have fun creating things, laughing and celebrating their cherished memories together, and with the Super Duper collection, it’s never been easier to make a kid’s scrapbook layout. Have you introduced your kids to scrapbooking yet? Comment below!

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