Fundraising for Very Special Kids at Crop & Connect 2018

Sometimes we have the opportunity to make a difference, and do something that will have a lasting and positive impact in the world. Now, you might think I’m talking about creating a scrapbook. Whilst that certainly can be said about scrapbooking, today I’m sharing with you how Creative Memories and our Advisors will have the opportunity to fundraise for a wonderfully amazing children’s charity, Very Special Kids this year.


Following on from a fantastically successful fundraising experience for Gold Coast childrens’ charity, Paradise Kids at our Crop & Connect 2017 event, we sought a worthy Victorian children’s charity to support at our event, being held in Melbourne this year.

We connected with Very Special Kids and learned about all they do for families of children with life-threatening conditions such as; providing a children’s hospice, professional services to families and a bereavement program, which features therapeutic scrapbooking sessions for parents.

Of course we knew right away the opportunity to support Very Special Kids would strike a chord in the hearts of our Advisors, who know first-hand the importance of celebrating life, every day happenings and special memories in our scrapbook albums.

At Crop & Connect we look forward to welcoming a guest speaker from Very Special Kids who will share the details of the important work they do for these special families, we are expecting to need a Kleenex or two. With our emotions high, we’ll soon lift our spirits higher with the great part about any fundraising, the FUN part! The Creative Memories Advisors who attend Crop & Connect will enjoy a fundraising festival of carnival activities with prizes, raffle baskets to be won and a light-hearted auction, all in the name of fundraising donations for a truly special cause.

In addition, Creative Memories Home Office will donate scrapbooking products valued at $1,500 to Very Special Kids. These products will aid Very Special Kids in continuing their scrapbooking sessions, that helps bereaved parents create a special keepsake album to last a life-time.

We applaud our Creative Memories Advisors who join in on the fundraising festivities at Crop & Connect and stand with us to support Very Special Kids.

Creative Memories Program at Very Special Kids
Scrapbooking involves using your treasured photos and memorabilia to create beautiful pages which are then added to a special album.

Creative Memories is all about making a special memory album by using your precious photos to create album pages that show others the life of your beautiful child and help you to celebrate that life. Immersing yourself in designing, cutting, selecting and pasting, in the company of others who have also experienced the death of a child, can be a rewarding and comforting experience.

Very Special Kids spoke to Stella, a bereaved mother who started going to the Creative Memories program at Very Special Kids not long after the death of her beautiful baby boy, Rafael. As Stella said, “I was interested in scrapbooking but was firstly yearning to connect to others as I was only recently bereaved.”

Stella found the experience to be wonderfully helpful. “The first time was a healing, beautiful experience. I found everyone sensitive and lovely and there was a lot of joy.”

Immersing herself in the colourful paper and stickers under the gentle guidance and design know-how of Gerry, the facilitator, helped her to start creating a personal album in memory of her boy. Stella also found that seeing other families’ photos and sharing each other’s stories was a bonus on top of the connection she experienced.

After her first session Stella has found herself going back each time.  “I went back because I found it joyful. I didn’t realise how therapeutic it would be to be creative while grieving for my son, and showing people my scrapbooking always brings much happiness.”

For more information about Very Special Kids, or to make a donation directly, please visit the VSK website:

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