A look back at Crop & Connect 2017

With the announcement this year that our exclusive Advisor-only event, Crop & Connect will be back in 2018, today we’re reliving all the fun moments from our 2017 event and give you a taste of what to expect.

Advisors came from all over Australia to the Mercure Gold Coast Resort in November 2017 for two days of fun, inspiration and networking. It was a blast seeing Advisors catch up with old friends and making a few new ones too.

Crop & Connect 2017

We’ve heard comments from many Advisors who attended Crop & Connect 2017 that the chance to network with like minded people was a positive experience and the Advisor community is what they loved the most about the event:


We’re already seeing Advisors from far and wide register for Crop & Connect 2018. It’s so exciting that more friendships and connections will be established this year.

Project Recipes featured throughout the weekend and they were a hit! Advisors created three Project Recipes using supplies provided by Home Office, one featuring an exclusive paper pack and another using an advanced technique.

Page creation fun!

Just like Lynette, Advisors at Crop & Connect 2017 really enjoyed the chance to get hands-on, be creative and come home with some completed pages.


This year, we’ll be including even more opportunities to get hands-on and be creative, with at least 3 Project Recipes, plus lots of exciting challenges and more!

The Giant Paper Buffet was a run-away success, raising over $3,000 in donations for local Gold Coast Charity, Paradise Kids. This experience was made extra special when we welcomed Robyn Moore from Paradise Kids to speak to us about the work they do to help young children overcome grief and trauma, including special card-making workshops they host.

During the Paper Buffet activity, Advisors “grabbed” individual papers of their choice from various Paper Packs, it was a hoot as everyone crowded around to get a look and join in on the excitement.

Paper buffet with Diane Lampert

We’ve got some special plans in the works to make sure everyone who attends Crop & Connect 2018 gets to experience an activity that is just as exciting as our Giant Paper Buffet!

It was our absolute pleasure to reward and recognise our top sellers, top team builders and other Advisors who brought their A-game in 2017. Our Advisors’ passion for memory-keeping always shines through, we’re so proud of every single one of our Advisors for carrying the torch for CM in their social circles and making sure peoples’ photos and memories are celebrated!

A few of 2017 our top achievers!

We look forward to recognising our top achievers this year at Crop & Connect 2018, it’ll be a thrill to reward even more Advisors for their efforts in 2018.

Kelly Batten and Tracey Trembath from CM Australia Home Office, and our special guest, Diane Lampert from CM USA Home Office were delighted to host Crop & Connect in 2017!

Diane Lampert, Kelly Batten and Tracey Trembath

Your event hosts from Home Office will be back again to celebrate with all our Creative Memories Advisors at Crop & Connect 2018!

Want to join in the fun at Crop & Connect this year? Of course you do! If you’re already an Advisor, jump over the Crop & Connect 2018 Event Page to check out the details and register.

If you’re not a CM Advisor (yet), we welcome you to sign up as an Advisor so you too can be part of our Advisor community and enjoy Advisor exclusives like our Crop & Connect Event.




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