3 Misconceptions of Direct Sales

There are a lot of commonly held beliefs about direct sales businesses (maybe based on people’s memories of those ‘household names’ that started decades ago). But today’s modern social selling companies, like the new Creative Memories, are breaking the old rules and seeing tremendous success because of it. Here are the NEW truths behind 3 common misconceptions…

1) It’s expensive to get started.

It used to take a lot of research and consideration before joining a company as a sales rep, because just signing up could be a major hit to the budget. Gone are the days of forcing new reps to buy expensive ‘sampler kits’ with a random assortment of products and supplies. Creative Memories has removed the risk with its fee of $59, new Advisor $15 instant product credit and Join Gift valued at $79 or more, so new reps start out ahead. No kit required. And, included free: a 24/7 personalised URL for customers to shop direct.

2) There are hidden costs after joining.

It used to be reps needed to scrutinise the fine print to learn what their new biz would cost. For instance, business supplies (order forms, catalogues) don’t count toward minimums or earnings, online marketing tools have extra charges, reps pay credit card fees when customers shop online with them. The new Creative Memories said “no” to all of the above. Creative Memories Advisors’ orders of business supplies earn them the same profits as retail products, online marketing tools are free, and they don’t earn less on online credit purchases.  And, they offer Advisor-Exclusive products at great prices that also count toward their earnings.

3) Meeting minimum ordering requirements results in debt and inventory.

This is a biggie that catches new reps off guard. Companies across the industry require reps to place orders of X amount within X timeframe to stay active. The amounts vary, and timeframes can be bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. It’s when reps don’t have enough customers ordering to meet those minimums that they’re forced to place orders themselves, often plunging into debt and filling their homes with items they can’t sell. It turned industry norms on their ear when the new Creative Memories eliminated minimum order requirements. Advisors can sign up and enjoy all of the insider benefits without ever having to place an order. Many of their reps report that they’re actually selling more than they have in former companies because when they’re not feeling the fear/pressure of deactivation, they can focus fully on their customers’ needs.

Creative Memories encourages anyone who loves photos, albums or scrapbooking to stop by their website and check out their paradigm-shattering earnings plan and award-winning product line.

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