#FeatureFriday – Behind the Scenes with Full Bloom’s Designer

#FeatureFriday is here, and have we got a great feature for you! It’s time for you to be properly introduced to Full Bloom – a floral collection that comes fresh from the garden of our Product Designer Alex’s mind – shared in her own words! Let’s take an inside look!

What Inspired This Collection?

Designer Alex D.

“Mother Nature’s beauty. She offers such a variety of elements, and yet everything is cohesive, much like Full Bloom. The organic quirks of natural elements are complemented so well by the imperfections of handmade art.”

How Would You Describe the Palette?

“There are both bright colours and pastels in this line, representing the spectrum of nature. Some of the blooms needed a pop of bright red or purple, but then others needed to show how sweet and mellow the outdoors are in springtime.”

How Would You Describe the Papers?

“I created the papers by hand, so naturally there are some crooked lines, some bleeds, and some textures which give Full Bloom its character. There are brushstrokes and washes of colour, blooms and intricate foliage, stripes and splatters of paint. I tried to be thoughtful and intentional as I made each stroke; it was time-consuming, but worthwhile and rewarding process.”

What is Unique About the Collection?

“It was all painted by hand in gouache and watercolour, and coloured digitally. It is 100% original to Creative Memories.”


What Do You Envision This Collection Being Used For?

“Much like the way natural elements can be used to adorn any event, so can Full Bloom. Flowers wouldn’t be out of place in any setting, so they can be used to showcase anything from your outdoor event to your new garden; from time spent with loved
ones to a vacation in the sunshine.”
Full Bloom will bring a bountiful bouquet of freshness to your scrapbook layouts and projects. Be on the lookout for more projects and layouts to come!

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