Creative Memories Scrapbooking Company Thriving in 2018!

It’s been three years since the Direct Selling News first interviewed Creative Memories’ then-new owner, Caleb Hayhoe, about his decision to resurrect the Creative Memories brand and scrapbooking products and create a never-before-seen direct sales and social selling earnings plan.

It was a well-researched gamble based on years of feedback, but it was still a gamble. Would former Consultants, used to a traditional, tiered (and wildly complicated) compensation plan embrace the almost-crazy simplicity of the new plan?

People in the scrapbooking industry were shocked and didn’t believe a one-page plan with no minimum order requirements or titles could ever work. Until it did.


Today, the new CM is doing business in the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan, and is more than 11,000 Advisors strong, debt-free and growing double-digits month over month. Most importantly, our Advisors are thriving.

Turns out eliminating order minimums and their corresponding burden of inventory also removes pressure and stress.

And happy, stress-free Advisors get to focus on their first love: helping others make albums with Creative Memories’ beautiful, lasting products. But, best to hear from them in their own words:

To learn more about the Creative Memories Advisor opportunity, you can check out the plan and our current join offer on our site.

3 thoughts on “Creative Memories Scrapbooking Company Thriving in 2018!

  1. I was over the moon when CM came back since then I haven’t stop scrapping,love all there products the punches are excellent and the border punches are also excellent thanks CM keep up the good work


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