Make a Splash with the Slice of Summer Collection

The weather is warming up across the country, and with that in many places in Australia comes the humidity, and then the “feels like” temperature goes up even more.

With us being mostly a coastal society usually the place to cool off is at the beach. However, for Advisor Beth Thomander and her family of Nova Scotia Canada, cooling off means a jump in the pool.  That just sounds refreshing right about now.

How do you beat the heat?

Beth was gracious enough to let me use these photos when creating this layout.  Isn’t her son a cutie?  …and Beth—-she is just a cutie herself.  These photos were perfect for the layout idea I had in mind.  My favourite was layering the wave border stickers to make them look dimensional, and the Scallop Burst Border Punch just reminds me of bright beautiful sunshine bursts!

Take a peek……


To create this layout, you will need:


Step 1:  Use the Black cardstock as the base for this layout.

Step 2:  Cut a piece of White Cardstock to measure 11” x 11”.  Adhere to the top of the Black Cardstock.

Step 3:  Cut a piece of the yellow patterned paper to measure 10-1/2” x 5-1/2”.  Adhere to the top of the White Cardstock.

Step 4:  Cut 7 pieces from different pieces of patterned paper to measure 1-1/2” x 5”.  Adhere to the lower half of the White Cardstock.


Step 5:  Punch a border from the Scallop Burst Border Punch with the light blue paper.  Adhere to the top edge of the patterned papers.

Step 6:  Cut 2 pieces from the pink paper to measure 3-1/2” x 4-1/2”.  Adhere at slight angles to the top of the yellow paper.

Step 7:  Adhere stickers to the layout, using Foam Squares on some to add dimension.


Step 8:  Adhere photos, and journal as desired.

Step 9:  Doodle around the outer edges of the yellow paper


Now, go out and make some SPLASHES!

Signing off ….to go “Make a Splash”!

Happy Creating!


2 thoughts on “Make a Splash with the Slice of Summer Collection

  1. Sorry, but I find these 2 lovely photos totally overpowered by the larger, 7 different brightly
    multi-patterned papers, and Beth’s photo would be more prominent without the sticker addition to her hair. Guess I am of the ‘old school’ of CM scrapbooking where the photo was the most important item on a page and should jump out at you instead of being overpowered by too many distracting colours, patterns and endless adornments which seem to be todays way of many CM layouts.


    1. This is bright and summery, just right for an Australian summer, at the beach or in the pool. I firmly believe that any comments should be positive and encouraging, we are all participating in a hobby we love and each has their own style, which isn’t going to be to everybody’s taste but shouldn’t be criticised.


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