Digital – Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is always special in our house as we have some pretty great guys to celebrate!  I have always taken photos on Father’s Day with our children and my Dad but as the children get older it is getting more difficult to have everyone together for a photo.  Our two older ones have part-time jobs and their schedules don’t always work out for a group photo.  I am so fortunate that we live close to my parents and spend lots of time together at the cottage and on vacations so we have lots of photos of my Dad with his grandchildren.

2015 Pages - Page 082.jpg

Americana Paper Pack is great for family times together with the warm colours.  I also added embellishments from Painted Harvest.

2016 Page Prints - Page 048

This page is in honour of the wonderful father and husband we are so lucky to have in our lives.  Before the end of the day on Father’s Day, our children know I am going to want a photo to mark the day.  Lauren worked on Father’s Day last year, Grant played in a golf tournament and Ben refereed a hockey tournament so it was a busy day, but we still had time at the end of the day to show some love to Todd.

I used Forever Yours to design this page and I placed a mask filter on the edge of the first layered paper to give it a rough edge.  I love the black and white photos with the rich colours in this collection.

These photos are so important for me to capture as I don’t have very many photos with my grandfathers and the ones I have I treasure.  I know my children will feel the same way about their photos in the years to come.

Happy Father’s Day!



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