Heritage Scrapbook Idea featuring the Natural Elegance Collection

When you think Natural Elegance Collection you may think wedding, but this layout is a beautiful display which captures a vintage feel in remembering family heritage.




Step 1: Trim 4 strips of heart paper to 2” x 12”

Step 2: Trim 2 strips of floral paper to 6” x 12”

Step 3: Trim 4 strips of blue cardstock to 1” x 12”

Step 4: Cut 4 lengths of border with the Lace Scallop Cartridge

Step 5: Cut 2 x photo mats from Brown Cardstock to 4 ½”x 6 ½”

Step 6: Cut 2 x photo mats from Brown Cardstock to 4 ¾” x 3 ¼”

Step 7: Using tape runner, attach heart and floral paper to the blue cardstock strips, leaving ¼” showing.  Use tape runner to attach to your white page.  Stick the brown Lace Scallop borders over the edge of the top and bottom heart paper strips.

Step 8: Attach Title lettering  (instructions below)

Step 9: Using Brown dual tip pen to do some journalling on the bottom heart strip.


To make the Letter Borders

Step 1: Cut white cardstock to 1” squares

Step 2: Cut brown cardstock to 1 ½” squares

Step 3: Using the Brown dual tip pen draw circle and line borders and lettering

Step 4: Attach white to brown squares and then lay out on your page to space out before sticking down.  You could use the repositionable tape to ensure you are happy with the layout.


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