Virtual Christmas Crop: Challenge 2-Sketch

Are you having FUN yet?

We are LOVING all the shaker cards that you are posting on our Facebook Event Page!

Let’s keep moving—so we can get as many projects completed today as possible!  It’s all about the completed projects!  …and the Christmas spirit!

Challenge 2:  Sketch Challenge

Create a 2 page spread of Christmas memories.  Incorporate trees onto the left side of the spread.  We have created a couple of examples creating trees to help you out!  Sketches are designed to use as a jumping off point.  If you need to change some of the sizes of the photos or the orientation that is always acceptable.  When you are done, share your finished spread on the Facebook Event Page before the start of the next challenge (2pm AEDT) to qualify for prizes! Use hashtag #CMVirtualChristmasCrop



Layout spread created by Melissa Ullmann- CM Home Office US


Christmas Past Paper Pack

Christmas Past Stickers

Christmas Past Embellishments

Christmas Past Mat Pack

Gold Shimmer Cardstock

Foam Squares

Tape Runner

12″Straight Trimmer

To create the trees as shown: 

Step 1:  Cut the paper in varied sized rectangles.  Measure the width of the rectangle.  Make a mark on the back side at the 1/2 way mark.


Step 2:  Use your trimmer to cut from the mark to each opposite corner.


Layout spread created by Marja Deeth- CM Home Office Canada


Soiree Paper Pack

Soiree Embellishments

Black Solid 12X12 Cardstock

Travel Solid 12X12 Paper Pack

Tape Runner

12″Straight Trimmer

Instructions to create the trees and star:

  • To create the trees simply cut strips of Soiree Paper Pack to 1/2″ widths. Arrange the patterns in the order you’d like them to be in and then cut their lengths at a difference of 1/4″ for each tree layer. Create a ‘trunk’ out of green cardstock from the Travel Paper Pack that measures 1/2″ width and whatever height you would like your tree to be.
  • The stars are made by sketching a star on the backside of the patterned paper and then cutting them out with the All-Purpose Scissors.


See you in a couple of hours!


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