Soiree Collection Scrapbooking Border Ideas

Scrapbooking borders are such a great FUN way to add a little pizzazz to your layouts.

There is no better collection for doing this than the Soiree Collection.

The Soiree Collection is vibrant, colourful, and full of life!

To create these borders, you will need:

Soiree Borders1

Good Times Border:

  • Using Grass cartridge, punch a border out of floral paper; trim to 3”x12”. Punch another out of green paper; trim to 2”x 12” and adhere to above.
  • Using Filmstrip cartridge, punch a border and trim out. Adhere at an angle to above.
  • Add Soiree embellishments and Good Times sticker as desired.

Celebrate Border:

  • Cut candy striped paper to 2.75”x 12”.
  • Cut a row of donuts out and adhere to top of above.
  • Cut a strip of navy paper to 1.75”x 12”. Using 1.5” Circle pattern and the Red blade, cut a circle 1/3 of the way down out of the centre of the strip. Adhere underneath donuts strip.
  • Using Heart Chain cartridge, punch 3 rows of hearts from pink paper.
  • Adhere 1 heart chain along centre of navy strip, tucking the last 3rd through the hole.
  • Adhere the other chains on the top and bottom of border to make a scalloped edge.
  • Add “Celebrate” sticker.

Soiree Borders2

Notes on a Keyboard Border:

  • Using Picket Fence cartridge, punch a border out of black cardstock. Trim to 2.5” x 12” and punch the other side.
  • Cut a strip of black/white stripe paper to 1 7/8”x 12”. Adhere to above.
  • Using Music Notes cartridge, punch a border out of pink paper and adhere on top of a 1”x 12” strip of teal paper. Add to striped border.
  • Add Soiree embellishments as desired.

Soiree Borders4

Party Time Border:

  •  Cut a strip of teal paper to 3”x 12”.
  •  Using Crown cartridge, punch a border of pink paper and trim to 2”x12”. Do the same with polka dot paper and trim to 1”x 12”. Interlock the borders and adhere to teal strip, cutting a small piece of one border to match up with the other on the strip.
  •  Cut a strip of candy striped paper to 1”x 12”. Adhere down centre of pink strip.
  • Add Soiree embellishments as desired.

It’s Time to Party Border:

  • Cut a strip of navy paper to 2”x 12”.
  • Using the Button cartridge, punch borders out of pink, candy striped and teal papers. Trim to 3” lengths and adhere to navy strip in 3 diagonal rows of 3. Using 12” Straight Trimmer, trim edges of buttons flush with navy strip.
  • Cut a strip of green paper to 2.75”x 12”. Adhere above strip on top.
  • Trim out It’s Time to Party paper and add to border.
  • Add Soiree embellishments as desired.


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