Creative Ways To Use Photos In Scrapbooks

I LOVE challenging myself to get the most photos on a two page layout and for this blog I think I have hit an all time record!!

Many times we have a hard time adding 4 pictures, let alone 10 photos, to a page.  So often while in the moment we click away on our camera and when we go to look at them and edit them we have over 100 photos.  It is sometimes hard to narrow it down to 4-8 favourite photos? Creative Memories Shape Maker System can help you add many of those photos in your scrapbook with little effort.


This layout, Silly Symphony Swings, I had all of these fun photos of the kids on swings, but it was too many pictures if they remained at 4×6.  For the focal point, I used my best photo, trimmed to 4×5 1/2, of the family being silly while waiting in line.  This also determined the size of the Black card stock that was cut at 5 1/4  x 8.  Using a pencil and a ruler, I drew lines on the black card stock to emulate sheet music.  With the Silver Metallic Pen , I drew musical notes and swirls on that. If you don’t feel you can draw that you can always use the Music Notes Cartridge cut out as a template. Then I matted the family photo with Shades of Blue Cardstock . The title of the page, Silly Symphony Swings, was cut out by using the Shape Maker System 2-inch Square punch . I used the Shape Maker System to cut out the other 9 photos along the right and bottom edges of this layout. I printed out these photo at 4×6 and lined up the punch to capture the fun photos.  When doing this technique, don’t be afraid to use your Personal Trimmer or All-Purpose Scissors to help you get closer to the actual area you are trying to punch out. Lastly, I added the Music Notes from the Music Notes Cartridge for the Border Maker System to show the fun of the music playing to bring this layout together.


I succeed in getting the most photos I have ever added to a 2 page layout.  Oh what a fun time we had watching the Main Street Parade in Disneyland.  So much colour and action.  Are you ready to learn how you can get 30, YES I said 30, photos in your scrapbook?


You’ll need the following products to create these pages:

I decided to make my largest photos on the pages to be the ones that meant the most to me or best captured the parade. I used the Shape Maker System with the 2-inch square on the photos that were not as important but still captured the spirit of the parade.  It was scary at first; however, look at all these pieces of the photos I didn’t need to use.


I know that many scrappers want the old Rickrack to come back, so I figured out a way to make one.  I trimmed a black  1 1/2-inch strip of paper and drew a line 3/8 of an inch from the edge.  Then every 1 1/4-inch, I put a dot with a pencil to show where the point of the Shape Maker 2-inch punch would line up. See photos below:

20160329_115333.jpg   20160329_115501.jpg   20160329_204114.jpg   20160329_123622.jpg

Too easy!!

Now onto the background of this page:



For the background of the paper, I used the guide, above, to trim the paper.  These are the sizes I used, but you could easily modify the stripes to fit your page.  The photo below shows the sizes that I used for the pictures in this layout. I used the 2-inch square from the Shape Maker system for any pictures that are not highlighted in blue below.  The title was created using the Gold ABC’s.  The Mouse heads were created using the Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge.  Then in the areas that needed a pop of colour, I added stars from the Star Border Maker Cartridge.  The super cute words “happy, beautiful, believe and dream” were hand trimmed with scissors from the Fall In Paper Pack and mounted using foam squares to add depth.


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