Baby Bathtime Scrapbook Ideas

Babies have so much fun splashing in the water when they are taking a bath! Bath time for them is just another playtime. It’s only natural that we would want to get pictures of them playing in the water for our baby scrapbooks. If you’re looking for some ideas for your own bath time scrapbook pages, here are two baby bath scrapbook layouts that might help.

First we’ll start with this layout I created with black and white bath time photos. Continue reading Baby Bathtime Scrapbook Ideas

Photographing the Everyday for Scrapbooks

No one will ever accuse the people who live in in this day and age of not taking enough pictures. We take millions of them everyday! Digital photography enables us to take a hundred pictures and delete all but a few of the best shots. Anyone with a smartphone has a camera in hand at all times. And social media gives us an easy way to share it all. CM Advisor and Content Contributor Julie Tambrini shares her thoughts on capturing the everyday for your scrapbooks. Continue reading Photographing the Everyday for Scrapbooks

Pinterest Inspired Scrapbook Layouts For Your Newborn: Part 1

Who doesn’t love Pinterest?  It is my go-to when I draw a blank creatively!  Just scrolling through the boards on there generally provide me a touch of inspiration, in which I can use to start any scrapbooking layout or spread.  Looking beyond the actual theme of the layouts on there, you can use any layout or spread as inspiration by just changing out the papers and embellishments.  Sometimes I will change up the overall look slightly, and other times I will just use the pinned layout as a jumping off point!  The following scrapbook layouts were used as inspiration to creating baby themed layouts using Creative Memories products! Continue reading Pinterest Inspired Scrapbook Layouts For Your Newborn: Part 1

10 Scrapbook Album Making Tips for Busy Mums

I am thrilled with the release of Creative Memories’ gorgeous new Hello Baby products– and not just because I’m a product junkie! I’m thrilled because it means a whole new group of moms might be encouraged to create completed scrapbook albums for their little ones!

Many people actually begin scrapbooking because they want to do something with their photos of momentous, life changing events. I often hear from ladies who want to preserve the photos in an album about their wedding, the birth of a child or the life story of a family member, but they just don’t know where to start. Continue reading 10 Scrapbook Album Making Tips for Busy Mums

Project Ideas for the Perfect Baby Shower: Part 2

Hosting a baby shower gives you the opportunity to create fun party decor to have at the shower.  Whether it is a fun banner, a mom-to-be corsage, or a card to welcome the baby–Creative Memories Hello Baby Collection is the perfect fit for creating these party pieces. Continue reading Project Ideas for the Perfect Baby Shower: Part 2

Creative Titles For Your Baby Scrapbook Pages

One of the biggest challenges when you are creating a scrapbook layout is finding a title that goes with it.  Not just any title works–we look for one with meaning, whether it is serious or funny, it can be a daunting task.  Pinterest is always a great place to look for page titles!  We have helped you out by compiling a board of Scrapbooking Page Title Ideas!  Once you complete the task of choosing a title for your page or spread, what about taking it to another level?  What about finding a creative way to create that title? Continue reading Creative Titles For Your Baby Scrapbook Pages

Fun Border Ideas for Baby Scrapbook Layouts

Waiting for a new baby to arrive can sometimes seem like an eternity, even with all that needs to be done before your due date. And when your little one does arrive, the time you have to do anything other than caring for your baby will simply disappear.  While you’re waiting, and still have time, wouldn’t it be a great idea to create baby borders for your baby’s scrapbook album? Then when the time is right, you’ll have borders available to quickly and easily complete your baby scrapbook layouts. Today I’m going to share a few baby boy and baby girl border ideas to help get you started.   Continue reading Fun Border Ideas for Baby Scrapbook Layouts

Project Ideas for the Perfect Baby Shower: Part I

Creating sweet projects for a baby shower can be oh-so-fun with Creative Memories Hello Baby Collections.  I love to create some fun little handcrafted projects for any event that I am hosting. In this case–a baby shower!

Welcoming a precious little one into this world is exciting! In lieu of setting out a traditional guest book at the shower, I created this fun framed signature art piece and placed it into a frame for the day of the event. Each attendee signed a balloon – so fun!

This treasured piece can be kept in the frame for the little one to look at as they grow up to see all the people who have loved and supported them from the beginning. Or, you can remove the signed piece from the frame and add it to their scrapbook to look back at when they page through their memories of childhood. It will definitely be a cherished treasure. Continue reading Project Ideas for the Perfect Baby Shower: Part I