EGG-citing Easter Project Ideas For You!

Our Easter gift to you are these totally fun and creative scrapbook page and paper craft ideas! First up we have a delightful 2-page spread created by CM Advisor Karyn McDermaid-Rolfe:


To create this 2-page layout, you’ll need:

Step 1: Using your 12” Trimmer, cut two 2”x 12” borders from the pink dot paper in the Pretty in Pastel Paper Pack.

Step 2: Using your Border Maker with the Lace Flower Chain Cartridge, punch four flower borders from lilac cardstock.

Step 3: Adhere the purple flower borders to the back side of the pink dot paper to form a lace edge and adhere the borders to the white dot paper from the Pretty in Pastel paper pack.

Step 4: Using your Custom Cutting System, cut one large egg from pink cardstock pack using the 5”x7” oval pattern with the red blade on the outside edge.

Step 5: Using your Custom Cutting System, cut five smaller eggs from the same pink paper using the 3”x3 7/8” oval pattern with the red blade on the outside edge.

Step 6: Using your Border Maker, punch a variety of borders from the lilac, purple and yellow cardstock. I used the Diamond Scroll, Medallion Frame Chain, Heart Chain and Lace Flower Chain cartridges. See photos. Adhere the border pieces and punch outs to the eggs using your Mini Tape Runner or a glue pen.

Step 7: Using your Border Maker and the Lace Flower Chain Cartridge, punch a few borders to make a photo frame for the first page. My photo is a 5×7.

Step 8: Trim 1/4″ from each edge of the title cards shown, then trim three photos similarly to fit underneath the cards. See photo.

Step 9: Assemble pages as shown, and use one of the smaller eggs as a journalling box.


And next we’re tossing in a little paper crafting fun, too! Creative Team member Melissa Ullmann created these goodies to share at your Easter gatherings.


To create the lollipop bunny, you’ll need:

Step 1: Using the CCS-Ovals, cut out two ovals from the white cardstock with the inside of the second oval shape with the green blade.  Adhere the edges, using as the “feet” of the bunny.

Step 2: Hot glue the sucker to the top of the ovals.

Step 3: Using the small CCS-circle, cut out a circle from the inside using the red blade.

Step 4: Using the Border Maker, punch once from the heart chain with the pink cardstock.  Use a heart for the nose of the bunny.  Adhere.

Step 5: Using the Border Maker, punch once from the bubble chain with the black cardstock.  Use two small circles as the eyes of the bunny.  Adhere.

Step 6: Using the Oval-CCS, cut one side of the oval.  Slide the oval over, cut the other side.  This will create points on the ovals.  Use these for the ears of the bunny.  Adhere.

Step 7: Use black pen to draw on the whiskers.  Optional:  draw black dashes along the outer edges of the ovals.

Step 8: Tie a ribbon, or piece of Easter grass around the neck of the bunny.

(You may need to adjust the sizes of the ovals and circle based on the size of the sucker, and what looks proportionate.)

To create the Easter treat cones shown in the pic above,  you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut several pieces of paper (depending on how many cones you want to make) to measure 6″ x 6″.

Step 2: Run tape runner along one edge of the paper.  Roll into a cone, adhering with the edge you ran the tape runner on.   (Optional:  You can fill and then fold and adhere the top flap down, and embellish the flap, or you can fill with Easter grass and candy, and leave open.)

Step 3: Display in a small basket or bowl for your guests to enjoy!


If you adore the Fresh Picks Collection and want to see more of it in your scrapbooks, then you’ll love this 2-page Easter layout created by CM Advisor Dayna Nelson:


To create the EGG-cited for Easter layout above,  you’ll need:

Step one: Adhere the 12×12 floral and music note design green and purple papers to your pages, on the right, place the paper right-side-up and on the left, place the other sheet upside-down.

Step two: Cut the matching borders from the border designs papers and mat these borders with 12″ x 2″ strips of paper from the Shades of Green paper pack. Adhere borders onto each page 1-cm from the top. Use Watercolor Green ABC’s to create the titles… ‘EGG~cited’ (on left page) and ‘for EASTER’ (on right page)

Step three: Trim two 12″ x 1″ strips of floral print paper and adhere directly underneath the border.

Step four: Select the purple floral design card from the Fresh-Picks Slide-In Pack. Cut a 4.25” x 6.25” mat from green paper from Shades of Green paper pack. Trim a small rectangle of white cardstock and handwrite ‘every~BUNNY loves Easter’ with black pen. Assemble and adhere to the left page 1cm from left side and 1cm from bottom.

Step five: Select and adhere 4 of your favourite cards from the Fresh Picks Slide-In Pack on the pages as shown. To use these as mats, you will need to trim your photos to 3.5” x 5.5”.

Step six: To create the large butterflies there’s bad news and good news. The bad news…the butterflies require fiddly cutting with your CM Scissors! You will find them on the card design paper in the Fresh Picks Paper Pack. Once cut out, adhere THE BODY ONLY to your pages with Tape Runner (again, very fiddly…sorry about that), then fold the butterfly wings upward. The good news…you can swap these out for butterfly shapes in the Fresh Picks Embellishments if you prefer!

Which Easter idea do you love the most? Please leave us your comments below, we’d love to hear what you think of these ideas!

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