Hop Into These Easter Scrapbook Layouts!

Not sure which products you can use to create scrapbook pages for your Easter photos? Hop into this blog post for some out-of-the-box Easter scrapbook ideas and three different bunny designs you’ll totally love!

If you were thinking Watercolor Love is just for romantic layouts, think again! This clever two page layout by CM Advisor Alison Cole combines patterned paper from the Watercolor Love Paper Pack and several cheeky bunnies created with Custom Cutting System Oval Patterns & Circle Patterns and Cardstock. See the bunny instructions below:


Bunny faces and tail supplies: CCS Oval Patterns & Circle Patterns, Border Maker System & Heart Chain CartridgeWhite Solid Cardstock, Pastel Solid Cardstock (pink), Black Solid CardstockBlack Dual-Tip Pen and Tape Runner.

Bunny face instructions: Using the outside edge of the small CCS Circle and a Red Blade cut 3 circles from white cardstock for faces. Now on the inside of the pattern cut a small white cardstock circle for the tail (distress the edge for a soft tail look). With the inside of the large CCS Circle Pattern and blue blade cut one white cardstock circle for the body. On the inside of the second smallest CCS Oval Pattern using a Red Blade and white cardstock, cut 6 ovals for ears and a 7th oval (cut in half) for feet. Swap to the Blue Blade and cut 6 inner ears from pink cardstock. Punch some black cardstock with the Border Maker System and Heart Chain Cartridge enough times to create 3 hearts to use as noses. Assemble and adhere the bunny faces and body as shown, and position on your page trimming any excess off with scissors.


With beautiful purple and green tones and a mix of classic and floral patterns, the Fresh Picks Collection is perfect for Easter scrapbook pages. CM Advisor Tiffany Chittenden shares her quick-and-simple yet stunning Easter page, which lets the gorgeous paper patterns shine! Even the cute little bunny has some Fresh Picks paper high-lights. Bunny instructions below:


Bunny face: CCS Oval Patterns & Circle Patterns, Border Maker System & Bubbles CartridgeFresh Picks Slide-In Pack, Dual-Tip Pen Black & Mini Tape Runner.

Bunny face instructions: Using the ‘Blissful Day’ Fresh Picks Slide-In card from Fresh Picks, cut two green ovals (on the leaf design) using the smallest CCS oval pattern with blue blade for the inside of the bunny ears. Re-position the small oval pattern on a white section of the card and cut two ovals using the green blade, layer the green ovals on the white ovals for the ears. Now using the small CCS circle pattern & green blade cut a circle for the bunny head. Punch purple, green and white areas of the card using the Bubble Border Maker Cartridge and use these for the bunny paws, cheeks, eyes and nose. Assemble and adhere as shown, then add details with black pen.


If Easter is all about chocolate and eggs for you, then you’ll love this scrumptious layout by CM Advisor Susan Dorrington. Making “egg-sellent” use of the Custom Cutting System and left over paper scraps you too can create this really fun two page scrapbook layout! Basket and bunny instructions below:


Basket & bunny supplies: 12-inch Straight Trimmer, CCS Oval PatternsWhite Solid Cardstock, Raspberry Solid Cardstock, Brown Solid Cardstock,Watercolor Love Paper PackBlack Dual-Tip Pen & Tape Runner.

Basket & bunny instructions: Using the second largest oval pattern, cut  one raspberry cardstock oval and one brown cardstock oval on the outside of the pattern with the Blue Blade. Before removing the oval pattern from the brown cardstock oval, make a second cut on the outside edge with the Red Blade to create the handle. Trim the raspberry oval in half and cut a brown rectangle for the base of basket at 3” x 1”. Assemble and adhere the basket as shown.

To create the bunny faces, cut 2 white cardstock ovals with the Green Blade on the inside of the second smallest oval pattern. Cut 4 white ears using the inside of the smallest oval and Green Blade, now use the inside of the smallest oval and Blue Blade on pink paper to cut 4 inner ears. For the snout use the inside of the smallest oval and Blue Blade and cut 2 apricot ovals. The eyes are small scraps from Bubbles Border Maker Cartridge. Assemble and adhere the bunny faces as shown.

Finally add the bunny nose faux stitching details on the basket with the black pen.

There you have three fun options for celebrating your fun Easter photos in your scrapbooks with a whole host of different decorative products! Before you go, we’d love to know… tell us in the comments below which is your favourite bunny?

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