Celebrate Australia In Your Scrapbooks!

It’s that time of year when we bust out the BBQ’s, head to the beach, go camping, take a dip in the pool or watch some fireworks. However you like to celebrate, there’s bound to be some photo opportunities! Today we’re sharing some bonza ideas from our Aussie Creative Contributors perfect for your Australian scrapbook pages.

Wattle, it’s the floral emblem of Australia and thanks to CM Advisor Alison Cole for this idea you can add this very pretty embellishment to your pages!


To create your own golden Wattle flower embellishments you’ll need:


Here’s how:

  1. Begin by creating multiple circles e.g. 1.5 inch, 1 inch and 0.5 inch.
  2. Fold each circle in quarters to help keep your cuts even around the circle.
  3. Start feather cutting around each circle with scissors taking care not to cut through to the middle of circle.
  4. Once all circles have been cut layer 1 smaller circle on one bigger circle creating your wattle flower.
  5. Create leaf shapes in green cardstock with scissors.
  6. Use black and silver pens to draw leaf markings on your leaves.
  7. Adhere photo mats to page and then adhere wattle and leaves around your mats as desired.
  8. Add title and journalling.


Feeling a little patriotic? How about this neat flag page idea by CM Advisor
Susan Dorrington as a backdrop to your photos.

S Dorrington flag

To create this you’ll need:

Here’s how:

  1. Start with a sheet of blue cardstock for your background
  2. Trim one 1 inch wide and two 0.75 inch wide strips of white cardstock.
  3. Trim one 0.75 inch wide and two 0.5 inch wide strips of red cardstock.
  4. Adhere the 0.75 inch wide red cardstock on the 1 inch wide white cardstock, then trim into 6 inch long and 4 inch long pieces.
  5. Adhere the 0.5 inch wide red cardstock strips on the 0.75 inch wide white cardstock strips.
  6. Arrange the cardstock strips into the Union Jack symbol (as shown) at the top left of the blue cardstock, trimming the ends of the diagonal pieces with scissors to align with the ends of the horizontal and vertical pieces.
  7. Add star stickers from the Bright Embellishments in the position of the Southern Cross and the 7 point star.
  8. Place 4 inch by 12 inch strip of Look on the Bright Side paper across the bottom section of the page and adhere photos.
  9. Add journalling.


CM Advisor Susan Dorrington shared this eye-catching green and gold page idea. It’s great for exploring what Australia Day means to you, but you could also use it to celebrate your favourite sporting team, think Wallabies or Socceroos, or perhaps your local home-town heroes if they happen to don a green and gold uniform.

S Dorrington Aust Day

To create this you’ll need:

Here’s how:

  1. Adhere half a sheet of yellow and half a sheet of green cardstock for your background.
  2. Punch one chain of yellow and one green lace flowers, trim each to 6 inches long and adhere on the opposite background colours.
  3. Trim two photos to 4 x 5 inches and adhere on the left side of the page and adhere a vertical 4 x 6 inch photo on the right side.
  4. In various cardstock colours, trim twelve 0.5 x 1.75 inch rectangles and arrange above the photo on the right side.
  5. Add title with ABC stickers and pen.
  6. Add journalling.

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