Back to School Photo Tips

The school holidays are almost over – the first day back (or first day ever) is looming and with it comes a great photo opportunity for all parents. These little milestones during each year are the things we scrapbookers love to capture in our albums, and I’ve got some handy tips to help you with getting some great back to school photos.

Avoid The Rush!

To avoid a last-minute happy-snap at the school gate, take some time for a little photo session before school goes back. It’ll be much more fun for the kids (and way more relaxing for you) to get a few photos in the holidays or on the weekend before. This idea is particularly handy if you’re a working parent and you just don’t have the option to take time out due to work commitments, but you still want to celebrate that first day in your albums. Get the kids to pose for you in a nice setting around the house or backyard where the lighting is good, for outdoors the sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon is ideal. The older ones might also enjoy a photo session with their best friends during the school holidays.

Use Props

You could go wild with hiring a bunch of vintage school furniture to create a special backdrop if that’s your thing. However, sometimes keeping things simple is just as effective; a single apple or a pile of books are great props you may already have at home and could provide some wonderful close up photo opportunities. Other prop ideas include their new backpack or lunch box, a world globe, a pair of glasses or a little blackboard with the school year written in chalk. Instead of small props, a trip to the local playground will inspire some interesting photos (and a bonus fun afternoon out for the kids.) Another fun idea is to throw the kids some chalk and have them draw out hopscotch on the pavement. Kids going into their first year will love to dress up in their new uniform and it’ll be good practice for their big day to get themselves dressed. Older kids might want to ditch the uniform and wear their favourite clothes, for a bit of fun they could hold their uniform up on a hanger and make a sour face. There are plenty of cheap and cheerful options to make your back to school photos that little bit more fun!

Act Naturally

Candid photos of kids work really well in scrapbooks and help to convey those magic childhood moments. Offer them a prop or two, then sit back while the kids do their own thing and wait for those special little moments to click off a few photos. Luckily with digital photography, you can take as many photos as you want and choose the best ones later. Remember to capture some landscape and portrait versions of each photo to help you with your scrapbook layouts later.

Get in the Picture

There’s more to the family than just the kids and your albums should reflect that, after all Mums and Dads put in a lot of effort getting children prepared and ready school. Nice family portraits are always a good inclusion in your albums and all Mums love a photo with their “babies” in their nice crisp uniforms. There’s also the little moments that spell out the details and make the memories flood back years later. Think about including photos of helping to tie their school shoe laces or school tie, making school lunches or goodbye kisses and hugs at the school gate (well perhaps that last one is best for the 5 year olds and not the 15 year olds!)

Take a look at our Photo Opportunity Inspiration Board on Pinterest for more ideas.

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