A Year to Remember Mega Blog!

Make 2016 A Year to Remember! Our new collection of the same name offers the perfect opportunity to scrap your life one day, week, month or year at a time, and in a number of fun, unique ways.

Scroll through our of Mega Blog below of not two, not three – but FOUR ideas today courtesy of our CM Content Contributors who’ve come up with wonderfully clever ways to use these products.


Before we send scrolling through the ideas we’ve collected up, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions and tips on how to put these products to use:

  1. Hang a calendar grid (with date numbers added) on the fridge and jot down events as they happen – everything from little Susie’s first lost tooth down to that tax appointment. When the month is over, scrap the events you’ve noted on pages that follow the calendar page in your album. It’ll be fun to look back one day and see what that month in your life entailed! Example:
  2. Begin with a collection of photos from a given month, then scrap them and add a calendar page as an “intro” page for that month. Journal important dates onto the calendar that correspond to pages and photos you’ve scrapped. (Example shown below.)
  3. Use calendar grid pages as a simple backdrop for an actual page layout. Use the calendar grid squares as a journaling spot around your photos.
  4. Trim a section (a row, two rows, etc.) of calendar grid to use on a layout to highlight just a week or two, too!
  5. As you’ll see in the example below, use the calendar grid squares as spaces for fun 2″ photos – PERFECT for all those photos you post to Instagram but do nothing with. 😉

First, we’ll start with a fun layout by CM Project Designer Melissa Ullmann. In this sample layout, she used the calendar sheet as a way to track things as they happened during the month including things like paying rent, pay day, doctor appointments and holiday trips! After the month has passed, she’s including it in her scrapbook album followed by pages filled with photos from some of the events that are noted on the grid.  Keeping in mind that while in the “now”, things like pay days and paying rent may not seem critical to note, think of how fun it will be years down the road to take a spin through days gone by when life is different 🙂


To create this 2-page layout, you’ll need:

Step 1: Wallpaper the calendar grid to the left page.

Step 2: Add the “days” sticker strip along the very top of the calendar grid.

Step 3: Cut a strip from the striped patterned paper to measure 12” x ¾”. Adhere along the bottom of left page.

Step 4: Use the Black Pen to write in the dates.

Step 5: Adhere the embellishments and stickers to the calendar as needed.

Create a layout to highlight your photos from the month. To duplicate the page shown above:

Step 1: Cut a piece of paper from clock patterned paper to measure 2” x 12”. Adhere along the right side of page.

Step 2: Cut a piece from the blue dots paper to measure 1” x 12”. Adhere along the edge of the clock paper.

Step 3: Cut a piece of green cardstock to measure 7” x 9”. Adhere to layout.

Step 4: Add the embellishments using Foam Squares.

Step 5: Add photos and journal using the Black Pen.

Next, Melissa shares a tad bit different take on the same type of layout, however you’ll notice she used the Shape Maker with Square Cartridge to punch out photos – they fit perfectly on the calendar grids. How fun!


To create this 2-page layout, you’ll need:

One note in preparation for creating this set of pages – Throughout the month, take photos of random projects that you do throughout the day.  Capture the little things you LOVE about your life! 

Step 1: Adhere the calendar grid page to the right page.

Step 2: Add stickers and embellishments to the layout.

Step 3: Punch out photos using the Square Shape Maker and adhere to calendar days. Add ABC/123 Stickers to remaining days that don’t have a photo.

On the left page, create a layout to highlight your month with photos. To duplicate the page shown above:

Step 1: Cut a strip of red dotted paper to measure 3” x 12”. Adhere to the far left of the page.

Step 2: Cut a strip from blue cardstock to measure ½” x 12”. Adhere along the far left edge of the page.

Step 3: Cut a strip from pink chevron patterned paper to measure 1” x 12”. Adhere along the edge of the dotted paper.

Step 4: Using the Border Maker with the lace flower chain cartridge, punch a 12″ border from blue cardstock. Adhere to the top of the chevron paper.

Step 5: Cut two mats from the blue cardstock to measure 6-1/2” x 4-1/2”. Adhere photo to each mat, then adhere matted photos to page, angling each as shown. Tuck corners of photos under border strip as shown.

Step 6: Adhere the embellishments to the layout and journal to finish.

And now for another idea in our Mega Blog post today, North America CM Advisor Julie Tambrini has combined a calendar grid paper from Year to Remember with papers and a slide-in card from the Fresh Picks Collection with beautiful results.

Julie Tambrini idea

To create your own, you’ll need:

Tip: the butterfly is cut from one of the Fresh Picks papers and the border is made with the Flower Chain Border Maker Cartridge.

Our final idea in this Mega Blog for you comes from North America CM Advisor Diana Brinsley. These lovely border ideas make perfect embellishments for a number of page layout themes.

Diana Brinsley

For these border ideas you’ll need:

January border:

  1. Rip one edge of the multi-coloured numbers paper and cut to 2 x 12 inches. Cut green chevron paper to 1/2″ x 12 inches and white cardstock to 3/4 x 12 inches. Layer and adhere as shown.
  2. Using the inside track of the large circle pattern and the red blade, cut a circle from white cardstock. With the inside track of the small circle pattern and the blue blade, cut another circle from white cardstock. Adhere the sticker shown to the small circle.
  3. Centre the inside track of the small circle pattern over the square green chevron sticker and cut with the green blade.  Leave the backing in place and adhere snowflake sticker to chevron sticker.
  4. Cut a 3/4 x 4 1/2 inch rectangle from green chevron paper. Pinch ends together and snip at an angle to form a “V” on both ends. Adhere January tag to flag as shown. Adhere tag and flag to white circle with Foam Squares. Use Foam Squares to adhere arrow and snowflake circle. Adhere your embellished circle to your border strip.

Love border:

  1. Cut one 2 x 12 inch strip from red cardstock. Tear edge of cloud printed paper and cut to 1 1/4 x 12 inches. Adhere cloud strip to red strip as shown.
  2. Cut one 2 1/2 inch square from red hearts paper. Use the Shape Maker and Square Cartridge to cut a 2 inch square from red chevron paper. Adhere squares to border strips as shown.
  3. Cut red arrow in half and adhere to back of love embellishment shown. UseFoam Squares to adhere embellishment to squares.

Hello border:

  1. Cut one 2 x 12 inch strip from green and white chevron pattern paper. Turn that paper to the other side and cut one 7/8 x 12 inch dark blue strip. Cut a 1 1/2 x 12 inch strip from green and white polka dot paper. Layer and adhere as shown.
  2. Cut one 2 1/2 inch square from green and white chevron paper. Using the Shape Maker and Square Cartridge, cut a 2 inch square from dark blue pattern paper. Layer squares as shown and adhere to border strip.
  3. Attach the light green and burgundy flags to underside of the hello embellishment shown (making sure to hide the numbers on the end of the flags). Use Foam Squares to attach embellishment to squares.  

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