12 Days of Christmas Ideas: Day 12 – Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Here’s a quick, fun craft to help you with your Christmas tree trimming. Create your very own cute Christmas Tree Angel in under an hour. Get the kids involved and they will love it too!

To create the Angel, you’ll need:


Step 1: Position the 5×7 inch Oval CCS template roughly in the centre of a White Cardstock sheet. With the Blue Blade cut a slice around the bottom section of the template.


Step 2: Using Scissors, cut from each end of the “slice” on an angle to the edge of the Cardstock.


Step 3: Using the 4×6 inch Oval template and blue blade, cut 2 ovals from the remaining section of white Cardstock. Overlap the template with the edge of the paper slightly to create a flat edge to the oval.


Step 4: Bend the top corners of the large piece of white Cardstock around to form a cone (leaving a small hole at the tip of the cone) and secure with lots of Tape Runner. Run Tape Runner down the flat side of the 2 ovals and adhere to the back of the cone for wings. Tip: Bend the wings outward slightly after adhering.


Step 5: Using the inside of the 2.5 inch circle template and the Red Blade cut a yellow circle. Then, using the Blue Blade on white Cardstock trim most of the way around the circle, finish off with scissors to create a long “neck” at the bottom of the white circle. Adhere the yellow circle behind the white piece, place Tape Runner down the “neck” and adhere to the inside top of the cone.

Step 6: Decorate with a Diamond Scroll border adhered with Foam Squares. Add eyes, nose and mouth using black pen. She’s ready for the top of the tree!

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