Project Idea: Pop-Up Christmas Card

Once again, ’tis the season to send some fun greetings to your family and friends, and who doesn’t love a handmade card? This fun pop-up card (another variation of it was shown in Stefani Jones’ blog) is totally unique, and it’s actually quite simple to create. Really! And the best part is that you can also simply swap out papers and stickers later, too, and create fun birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, etc. Easy peezy! Click to read full post

Project Idea: Holiday themed page layouts

Holiday Page Layout After Decoration

Today’s inspiration is creating wonderfully fun holiday page layouts without investing loads of time or effort. We’ve dressed up some 2-page spreads from our Christmas Joy Fast2Fab Album with just a few additions. You’ll love how simple it is to make them pop!

First up is a set of page spreads created from predesigned Fast2Fab Albums from the Christmas Joy Refill pack. Additionally, you’ll need Christmas Joy Paper Pack, Christmas Joy Slide-In Pack and Stickers, Scissors, Foam Squares, 12-inch Straight Trimmer and Tape Runner to complete these pages. Click to read full post

Project Idea: Holiday Themed Border Mania!

Christmas Joy Border Ideas

Today’s project ideas feature our beloved Original Border Maker System (which includes the Picket Fence Border Maker Cartridge) plus every cartridge we’ve got in our line: Bubbles, Star, Filmstrip, Medallion Frame Chain, Diamond Scroll and new Evergreen!

Border making master, CM North American Advisor Candace Bouldin has put her creative border making talents to work for us once again (she created the borders you see above), and this time she’s incorporated the totally fun new Christmas Joy Paper and stickers along with her favourite Border Maker Cartridges.

Before you head to Candace’s blog, we’ve got a handful of fun borders to share, too!

Holiday Page Borders

To create the borders above, you’ll need:

For the top border, punch along entire 12″ edge of green patterned paper using the Border Maker and Bubbles Cartridge. Trim away punched section to measure 1-1/4″ wide. Cut a strip of red patterned paper to measure 12″ x 1″, then adhere to back of green punched strip. Adhere stickers to the border. Adhere layered border strips to page. Adhere the ornament sticker to the page. Using pen, draw strings from border to each ornament.

For the second (Santa) border, punch along entire 12″ edge of tan cardstock using the Border Maker with Filmstrip Cartridge. Trim away punched section to measure 1-1/4″ wide. Set aside punched rectangle shapes for later use. Cut a strip of red patterned paper to measure 12″ x just a tad over 1/2″. Weave red strip through filmstrips, weaving over two, under one, etc. Adhere to page. Cut a piece of red patterned paper to measure 2″ square. Adhere tan rectangle shapes to this piece to resemble bricks as shown. To create chimney top, punch twice along the edge of tan cardstock using Border Maker with Picket Fence Cartridge. Trim a section away from bottom of this punched piece to measure 2-1/2″ x 3/8″. Adhere across top of chimney. Loosely set chimney onto filmstrip border and eyeball placement of Santa sticker. Remove chimney, then secure Santa sticker down. Apply Tape Runner to backside of chimney, then adhere to border. Adhere the 25 sticker to chimney.

To create light string, simply apply small foam square to the backside of each bulb, then adhere to page and doodle string.

For the third (wreath) border, punch along entire 12″ edge of white cardstock using Border Maker with Diamond Scroll Cartridge. Cut away 5/8″ of border, leaving approximately 1/2 of the border. Set aside. Cut a strip of red patterned paper to measure 12″ x 1-1/8″. Adhere to page. Remove both red & white border sticker strips from sticker sheet and adhere across centre of red patterned strip. Adhere Diamond Scroll punched half strip across top of striped stickers. To create wreath, punch along entire 12″ edge of bright green cardstock. Trim punched edge away to measure approximately 1″ wide. Using scissors, cut bottom section entirely through between each tree:


After cutting bottom section completely through, add a small amount of Mini Tape Runner to the base section of each tree, then begin “curling” the trees around into a circle. Press down to secure together as you go.


Continue curling trees until you’ve used entire strip. Adhere holly & berries sticker to finish wreath. Adhere wreath to border to finish. (NOTE: original idea for this wreath came years ago from someone when the original Evergreen Border Maker existed. We aren’t sure who to credit with the idea, but wanted to note that we copied someone! The original idea for the striped candycanes under the Diamond Scroll border punch comes from Candace. We loved it so much we had to copy that too!) 🙂

To create bottom border, punch along entire 12″ edge of tan cardstock using Border Maker with Picket Fence Cartridge, and along entire 12″ edge of bright green cardstock using Evergreen Cartridge. Trim away bottom 3/8″ of picket fence strip, leaving “fence” portion. Cut away trees strip to measure 1″ wide. Tear a wavy-edged strip away from entire 12″ edge of white cardstock, then adhere trees, snow (white torn piece) and fence to page as shown. Adhere North Pole sticker to border to finish.

Shown below is another fun sneak peek of what you’ll find created by the totally talented Candace.


Totally fun, yes? Want to see more, complete with instructions? Head on over to Candace’s Blog and peek at her latest post Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!  – you’ll want to scoop up all of these sweet ideas and adapt some to suit our Aussie Summer Christmas! Happy Holiday Border Making!

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