How the New CM came to be

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

In 1997, a growing company called Creative Memories approached Caleb Hayhoe’s product design and sourcing company to add to their product line. At that time, Caleb’s company had over 300 people in Asia and was a leading supplier to the cosmetics industry. Caleb was intrigued with the opportunity and made the trek from Hong Kong to St. Cloud. Within minutes of meeting the CM team he “got it,” fell in love with the mission and found there was mutual respect for the importance of outstanding product quality. The relationship flourished and over the years Caleb attended many Showcases, workshops and parties, developing a deep admiration for the spunk and passion of the Consultants.

Despite the financial challenges faced by Creative Memories and then Ahni & Zoe, Caleb knew how much passion still existed for the brands and their products, and when the company came up for sale, was convinced that they could be renewed with the right business model. He also believed in the talent and rich experience of many of the loyal staff at the Home Office. Here’s Caleb on the day he decided to make it happen and invest in the business (July, 2014):

Caleb Hayhoe

Now the proud owner of both brands and the proprietary manufacturing and testing equipment, Caleb and the small, high energy team based in St. Cloud, Minnesota are thrilled to re-introduce authentic Creative Memories and Ahni & Zoe products.  (Caleb also acquired the CM Japan business which is thriving…they just had a record sales day!)

The new CM product line includes Creative Memories bookcloth coversets, refill pages and page protectors, as well as Ahni & Zoe Fast2Fab albums and predesigned pages. It will also offer a trimmer and the beloved tape runner, with items like additional tools, replacement blades and more coming in the future.

Though the products, equipment and brands are the same, this is a new business with an entrepreneurial, start-up spirit. It’s also well-backed financially and debt-free.  In a new St. Cloud location with a small, nimble team, it also offers a unique, brand-new sales opportunity for people share the mission and make a little or a lot, with no restrictions or minimums.

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